Potential Conferences

Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) – Feb 16th-18th, Four Seaons Hotel Las Vegas: http://www.chilleesys.com/scp/Public/index.aspx

Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference (ACP) – no 2012 information available, but was in May 2011

European Social Science History Conference (EHSC) – call for papers was May 2011 but thought Janice might have a contact, Feb 11th – 12th,  Glasgow: http://www.history.ac.uk/events/event/2783

Association of Business Historians Conference (ABH) – July 6th – 7th: http://www.abh-net.org/conferences.html

Macromarketing Conference – June 13th – 16th, Berlin: http://macromarketing.org/?page_id=172

Social History Society Conference – April 3rd – 5th, Brighton: http://www.gellius.net/downloads/org_3/2012cfp.pdf

1st International Communication Students Symposium – April 26th – 27th, Izmir, Turkey: http://comsym.ege.edu.tr/index_eng.htm

Paris International Congress of Humanities and Social Science Research – July 24th – 28th, Hotel Concorde La Fayette, Paris: http://education-conferences.org/homehss.aspx

International Conference of Cultural and Social Aspects of Research – March 22nd – 24th, San Antonio, Texas: http://www.uiw.edu/education/conference.html

International Conference on Human and Social Sciences – March 23rd – 25th, Tirana, Albania: http://www.mcser.org/

Academy of Marketing Conference – July 2nd – 5th, Southampton: http://www.academyofmarketing.org/conference-2012/2012.html

LCBR European Marketing Conference – August 9th – 10th, Munich: http://www.european-marketing-conference.com/

International Marketing Conference – January 12th – 14th, Uttar Pradesh, India: http://www.iimlmarconference2012.in/

International Marketing Trends Conference – January 19th – 21st, Venice: http://www.marketing-trends-congress.com/node/3

Global Marketing Conference – July 19th- 22nd, Seoul: http://www.ln.edu.hk/mkt/2012-CFP.pdf

Kellog Marketing Conference – January 20th – 21st, Illinois: http://kellogg.campusgroups.com/mktgconf/about/

3 thoughts on “Potential Conferences

  1. Janice Denegri-Knott says:

    Thanks for sourcing these, I notice the next Academy of Marketing is conveniently going to be held at Southampton this year. CCT Conference (which Mike mentioned during our last session) is to be held next Summer at Oxford.

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